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Even More Options For Investors, Bird Dogs & Wholesalers!

Wholesale Your House Program

Investors: Do you own a property you need to unload from your inventory? We have help countless investors around the St. Louis area wholesale off properties they no longer want or need. From rehabbers that dont have the time to finish a certain project to landlord investors that are just tired of a certain property. We have helped wholesale it all and we can help quickly wholesale your property off your inventory for you with our quick and easy process!

St. Louis Co-Wholesale 

Wholesalers: If you are a motivated, energetic, determined wholesaler who would love to close deals faster than before. Regardless of you're experience, we work together with countless wholesalers to not only get their deals sold, but sold FAST! If you truly want to make fast cash, build a partnership and close quickly, then please click the Learn More button and fill out our form if you have a wholesale deal you need help selling!  

        Bird Dog Referral Program

Bird Dogs: Could you use an extra $500, $1000 or $5000 Per Month? Our Bird Dog Program is simple. You contact us with information about a motivated home seller using our simple online form, then we pay you $500.00 to $1000.00 cash if we decide to move forward in buying the property. No waiting on us to pay you either: You get paid at closing direct from the title company.

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