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Buyer Testimonials

We have bought several properties from Anthony and his team at Price Real Estate Investments Inc. The transactions went well and the properties were great buys. The repairs and after repair values that he quotes are on the money as well. Thanks - Richard

When I first stared in Real Estate Investing. Anthony was one of the wholesalers that took me under his wing. He taught me a lot about how this business works. I have since purchased multiple properties from Price Real Estate Investments Inc. Anthony has always been very easy to work with and I know I can trust what he tells me. I consider him a valuable resource. He is the one of the best wholesalers in the St. Louis area. I'm looking forward to buying more properties from him. - Jim

I am just emailing you to let you know that I was happy with the properties that I bought from you, you are easy to work with and honest. I'm looking forward to the next deal. Thank you. - Vincent

Price Real Estate Investments Inc is my go to resource for wholesale deals. I've purchased several properties from him since 2017, half of which are great cash flowing rentals I hold today and the other half have been retail flips I've successfully sold. The thing I like best is they bring me deals which aren't on the MLS and some that need a lot of work which make for great opportunities for capturing equity and building wealth. This guys are in the weeds getting homeowners under contract and bringing diamonds in the rough to the investor marketplace, love it! - Jerry

Thanks for the valuable properties you sold me recently. I got a deal on them and able to make a few quick bucks. Thanks Again - Mike

I've purchased several houses from Anthony over the years and been very satisfied with the results. He's a straight-shooter and presents me with deals that we can close quickly. - Brad

I have purchased multiple properties from Price Real Estate Investments Inc and have referred other investors to him. I feel confident the properties are presented as accurately as possible and my deals have been good ones. I would highly recommend. - Scott

I recently purchased a wholesale property from Anthony and Price Real Estate Investments Inc. I was totally satisfied with the process. It was obvious that they stand behind their words. The entire interaction was clear and simple. Not only did I get a good deal on the house (Complete with tenants), but Anthony himself was easy to deal with, professional and responsive. - Kim

I have bought several wholesale deals from Anthony at Price Real Estate Investments. It has been a good experience. He is a professional He understands what investors are looking for and give a good summary of the deal. I look forward on a daily basis to his emails highlighting the next deal. Thanks - Randy

Anthony provided us an excellent wholesale property in the St. Louis area. Easy to work with and does their homework on the property providing the investor a thorough base of information to begin the due diligence process. Anthony is great to work with, runs his business with integrity and I look forward to working with him again in the future. I recommend him to all the investors I know and recommend anyone who is not on his mailing list to join. - Brandon

My holding company purchased a property from Price Real Estate Investments and Anthony. After trying to purchase deals on the MLS or through a realtor, I found his process to be much more investors friendly and easy. It was a yes or no question and move forward. I believe we closed within 10 days and there were no issues. If the right deal came along again I would have no hesitation to work with this company again. - Lisa

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         St. Louis Co-Wholesale Testimonials

Anthony, I just wanted to tell you thank you again! Even after 11 years and 1,000 houses, it is nice to have help when I need it! I look forward to doing business again soon - Tim

Anthony did a great job! Professional and easy to work with. Over the last year and a half, I've done a half dozen of deal with Anthony at Price Real Estate Investments Inc. and they have all closed smoothly. I just brought him the contract with accurate rehab and ARV numbers and he did the rest. He has a lot of investors to market to, so finding a buyer was not a problem. I look forward to working with him again. - Roger

We have worked with Price Real Estate Investments Inc for a few years now. They are smart businessmen, good people and reliable. They helped me close tons of my deals, quickly and easily. Highly recommend. Thanks - Randy

I've always enjoyed partnering with Anthony and Price Real Estate Investments Inc on my wholesale deals.  Anthony is one of the few investors in St. Louis that is experienced and truly understands the business. Working with someone on the same playing field as myself really helps deals go smoothly. We have a mutual respect for one another and I look forward to continuing my relationship with him. - Joe

Anthony has sold several properties for me not only in a few days but in a few hours. He has a proven list that buys quickly. Thanks again for your support in flipping my wholesale deals from start to finish with pictures, estimates and marketing. You're a pleasure to work with. If you want to sell a house quick I would suggest and recommend Anthony - Gary

Anthony is a pro at what he does. We've worked together on quite a few deals and he always does what he says he's going to do. He has extensive knowledge on how to find buyers for properties and always does his best to get the job done. - Mark

Anthony, Just wanted to tell you how good my experience was working with you on my deals. You took a "new guy" like me and walked me through the process and made sure I was successful. Wont find to many guys in this business who are willing to do that. I am just as excited to continue to do more deals with you in the future. Thanks for everything. - Raymond

It was great doing business with you! You are professional and friendly to work with. I look forward to another Co-Wholesale deal with you soon as soon as I get another.  Thanks! - John

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*Seller of these properties either owns or has equitable contractual interest in the properties marketed.

 **All properties are sold for cash or hard money only. Buyer to verify all information and funds. $2,500 non-refundable earnest deposit is required.

 ***Seller has exclusively relied upon the information listed within the MLS and Property Tax office to determine all measurements including lot size, square footage, number of bathrooms, number of bedrooms, number of total rooms, zoning, permitted and prohibited uses, construction materials, parking, year of construction, and all other pertinent data relating to the physical improvements and land area of the subject property. Buyer acknowledges and accepts that Seller makes no representations and warranties of any kind, whatsoever, as to the actual conditions that may exist within or around the property, and Buyer acknowledges that it has conducted its own investigation of these facts, and is purchasing the subject property based upon its own conclusions. Buyer expressly acknowledges that it is purchasing the property in "as is, where is" condition.

 ****All properties Subject to errors, omissions, deletions, additions, cancellation. All properties sold as is, where is with absolutely no representations written or oral. Buyer is to do their own independent due diligence. Buyer to verify all material facts including square footage. Property will not be considered under contract until signed contract and deposit received with all contingencies removed. Sales price is net to seller.

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